A “day” in the life

So, I had this idea that I would attempt to document everything we did for one day, as a window into motherhood for moms to be. HA. I got 2 hours done and sent that idea into the trash.  There is no time to try to remember everything we did for one day, let alone one hour.  I think if I had read something like this before having a baby I would have said one of two things:

a) Oh that’s just *their* baby, that won’t be *my* baby, or
b) Googles where to send hubby for a vasectomy. (kidding…sort of).

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Leggings for Lina

They are here!

We have been faithfully checking the mailbox each day in anticipation of the zebra leggings we ordered last week in support of Squamish’s Lina Palethorpe. We galloped home from the mailbox today to try on our fabulous Leggings for Lina. We love them! Not only will they fit her for ages, but they are perfect for easy diaper changes, and we don’t have to worry about pants not fitting her voluptuous diaper-bottom.

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Dinner Theatre

Before having our kiddo, I had this vision that all nursing babies eat peacefully, skillfully, quietly and calmly.  Enter serene Enya music playing in the background…

Enter fast letdown/hefty milk supply + overzealous eater = embarrassingly loud mealtimes. Unless we are feeding whilst half asleep at night (or nice and dopey after a nap), nursing sessions at our house sound like a battle zone. Gulping, lip smacking, legs kicking, chest thumping and the odd coughing-oops-milk-sprayed-her-in-the-eyeball-and-across-the-room.  She is very particular about how, where and when she likes to indulge in her meals.  You would think the world ended if I try to carry on a conversation simultaneously: man do I get an earful.

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Project 48:3 – Late.

Project 48 is part of an online project to take one photo a week for one year to document our lives. I was 4 weeks late :)

THREE – Late.
I am a planner. It pains me to be late. Before your little sassy-butt joined us I was slightly intolerant of lateness in others. Ok, that maybe an understatement. I found security and assuredness in scheduling a task, activity, or outing and seeing it through as predicted. Flexible was definitely NOT my middle name. Meeting your Dad, who has a streak of spontaneity, taught me to stretch my comfort level with taking things as they come, and living more in the moment, but by no means was I Mrs. Adaptable. When friends with children were late for meeting up with us, I was bewildered why it would take two hours to get a family of four out for the day.

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“I Told You So”

Last night I was preparing draft versions of our tax returns to check out our potential refunds and see if we wanted to adjust our RRSP contributions for the year (I know, I know…NERD). Hubby and I were chatting about what to do with a portion of our refunds, and decided upon a new dishwasher as ours is a hunk of junk. Dishes placed on the top rack almost always come out dirtier than they went in.  It also is far from energy-efficient, and I’d like a model with a few more options to reduce energy and water usage.

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Thankful for a cold

Both baby and I are sick with a cold. It’s nothing super debilitating – body aches, mild fevers, snot for days, and bring on the Cranky with a capital ‘C’ (me, mostly. Just ask hubby).  While we are certainly not enjoying ourselves on this Superbowl Sunday, just dealing with these few days of a mildly sick baby makes me incredibly thankful that we have been fortunate enough to have a largely healthy kiddo.

The small inconvenience it is to support a healthy child with a normal illness is truly nothing compared to the challenges faced by a few local families, such as the Palethorpes. Lina Palethorpe is an amazing little girl dealing with her 8th round of chemotherapy to treat a para-spinal neuroblastoma tumor. I follow their blog with wonderment and awe at the strength and resolve that her parents demonstrate.  While I have to contend with snotty noses, bad tasting baby Tylenol, soother sneezes and restless sleep, the Palethorpes are coping with chemotherapy, MRI scans, tumour boards, and endless trips from Squamish to the city (heck even one trip to the city with B exhausts us into hibernation for a few days, I can’t imagine doing it over and over).

They are now working on a fundraising effort for potential out-of-country medical costs. Adorable hair bows, bracelets, beanie hats and Leggings for Lina  can be purchased from their website. We will be purchasing some of these irresistible leggings (one size fits most!) – perfect for the crisp wintery-springish days we have been having lately.

So each time I wipe another snotty nose, each time I soothe red-puffy eyes, each time I am up tonight checking *just to make sure*, I’ll give thanks it is just a cold, and hope that one day Lina and her family can say the same.

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Ten Things I Learned about Babyhood

I visited a friend yesterday who has a beautiful new baby girl, 2 1/2 weeks old and gorgeous as can be.  Watching her teeny tiny baby I never thought I’d ever say “were you ever that small?’, but already, 4 months later, those first few weeks for us seem a blur. Perhaps my subconscious is blocking them out as a self-defense mechanism, because hot damn they were hard. Really hard. I have to look at pictures from that time to remember just how small she was, and just how scared, exhausted, stressed, weak, frustrated and bewildered I was.

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Project 48:2 – Milestones and Moodswings

Project 48 is part of an online project to take one photo a week for one year to document our lives. I was 4 weeks late :)

TWO – Milestones and Moodswings

Today is your 4 month birthday.  I cannot believe my life has changed so much in one year. Approximately one year ago we were just discovering that you were a little blueberry inside of me (we fondly called you ‘blueberry’ for many months).  Just as our lives have taken a wild turn in one year, things are equally as wild with you day-to-day, hour to hour, minute to minute.

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Baby got back.

I won’t name names, but a certain baby in my life has a hard time fitting into pants. She’s got booty for days. J-Lo would be envious.  Perhaps I watched a few too many episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians during those last few weeks of the third trimester once my mat leave had kicked in.

Ok, so I’m slightly kidding. It’s not that her tush is overly prominent, but what surrounds her tush that creates the illusion of voluptuous curves. Our kiddo is outfitted in cloth diapers 99% of the time (she is prone to diaper rash so we wear the odd disposable at night when this is an issue – we are looking for recommendations for nighttime cloth diapering solutions if you have them!).  As a result, she appears to have a little extra “junk in the trunk” if you know what I mean.

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Quest for the white noise machine

SquamishBaby_LogonewI really didn’t think this would be so difficult. It seemed like such a simple request: find a white noise machine to buy locally, to help keep bubs asleep a little bit longer during naps and nighttime.  As I’ve mentioned previously, we were gifted a Sleep Sheep, however for some reason its makers decided to leave out an option to have the darn think run continuously; instead having automatic shut-off after 45 minutes.  The sudden sound of silence has the awful result of waking baby if I don’t remember to reset the sheep before it shuts off again. Another new mom mentioned to me that she has essentially been trained to wake up every 45 minutes to reset the darn sheep.  There had to be a better way.

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