So I thought I’d be all cute and make these adorable little v-day cheesecakes I found on pinterest. They looked super simple, adorable and even the little ones could get involved fiddling with the strawberries:

Cute, right?

My fatal mistake was deciding not to use the cupcake liners, I thought simply greasing the mini-muffin pan would suffice…turns out its what holds the entire concoction together.  So I’m sure it’s a lovely recipe, as long as you follow the darn directions (which I never do when it comes to baking).

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of what happened in OUR house:

Pinterest FAIL


But we’re ok with failure in this house. Happens everyday. The internet often makes everyone else’s homes look more beautiful, inspired, crafty & more organized.  Completely devoid of failure. Just like the media, it has a habit of making everything look too perfect.  Blog-land can be especially bad for this. Pinterest can be even worse.  But failing is just fine, Valentine’s day isn’t about the perfect craft card, the most amazing bouquet of flowers, or the most succulent dinner. Valentine’s day is about remembering to love life, flaws and all.

Besides, I still ate them :)