I both love and loathe Pinterest. But this one from Penny Carnival is one of the few DIY projects I happily took on, and converted it to something that I was actually capable of doing. I *drooled* when I saw these adorable book pockets (slings) that can create order from the chaos that takes place on our bookshelf right now.

We are library junkie, but we also have a good stash of our own favourite reads, and I struggled to find a helpful way to stack these books that gave us easy access, and didn’t have them constantly landing on my head. A book sling was the perfect solution.  But I don’t sew, nor do I even own a sewing machine. However, I do have uncanny accuracy with speed-sew (aka liquid stitch, aka GLUE), so essentially replaced all of the “sew this part” instructions, with “glue this part”. Works great!

(Head on over to Penny Carnival for the full set of instructions if you can sew!)

1. Fold a piece of fabric right sides facing, glue all edges together (~1/2 inch), leaving a 2-3 inch gap on one short side. Once dry, turn inside out and glue gap (folding in edges for a nice seam. At this point I realized you have essentially just made a pillowcase, so you could easily start at step 2, using a cute pillowcase instead!

2. Line up your dowel on the long edge, and pin over the flap that will encase it. Remove dowel, glue the edge of the flap down. Repeat on other side.

3. Throw in a few random hand stitches (hidden if possible) along the dowel casings to reassure yourself the books won’t fall on your baby’s skull.

4. Decorate as desired! I added a ribbon just underneath the front dowel casing to provide a bit of structure, and I had it lying around.

I added a few slip-stiches (i.e random knots) to secure the dowel casings (just in case), mounted using double curtain rod brackets, and voila!

This was super easy. The hardest part was sourcing the darn double curtain rod brackets. Apparently hanging curtains this way isn’t very popular around these parts, but I scrounged a heavy duty pair up from Home Depot for $15. With the fabric ($4) and wooden dowels ($8 for 2, I bought the largest size for strength, in case she decides to try and hang off of it!), this came in at under $30!