I’m in a dangerous mindset of wanting “things”.  I blame my upcoming birthday.

Enter: pinterest. Pinterest is the land of the beautiful. Only the most attractive images survive. Pinterest is like the entire high school cheerleading squad decided to enter a bathing suit beauty pageant during spring break under the pretense of a scholarship program. You try to convince yourself you are there for the inspiration (cue the “world peace” answers and bedazzled costumes), but you end up questioning your self worth.


With each pin, I feel like I’m acknowledging that I am somehow incomplete without what the image represents. Yet, I keep coming back for more. So I have to consciously make an effort to twist those thoughts into a positive force in my mind, using them to find out more about what I love, what I’m drawn to, and how I can more fully incorporate these things into my real life. One of the best articles I have read on Pinterest is a must for new pinners to keep things in perspective.

Each month I’m going to choose one or two “projects” from Pinterest to incorporate into our life. They have to fit within the following rules:

1. They have to be loved by each member of the family, and make us feel good.
2. They have to either give us more time for each other, make us spend time with each other while doing it, or make us think differently about each other or the world.
3. They have to be lasting.

This month I’d like to work in the garden, and this is something we all love.  At the moment I am loving these pallet gardens that Squamish Rebuild posted about on their Facebook page. We shall see if this is the project we end up creating, or if Pinterest happens to give us another bold idea to tackle. Stay tuned. I’d love to hear of any pinterest projects you are dying to try.

*On a funny note – have you seen the site “Pinterest, you are drunk“? Hilarious site featuring the most ridiculous of pins. And yes, they even have their own Pinterest account. I enjoy their “Reasons you are still single” and “Stupid Hipsters” categories :)