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4 years ago I was a new mom with a baby in Squamish.  Overwhelmed, sleep deprived, needing an outlet for it all.  So this site was born: my little happy place in one tiny corner of the internet. & it only grew from there.  Squamish had so much to offer young families like mine, & I’ve listed it all here for you to enjoy.  It takes a village, thanks for being a part of mine.


 Sharing this beauty today, that we launched earlier this week. Such a fun project. Bright, playful + modern. I hooked up with Cheryl from @grinning_weasel_photography who gave me a slew of incredible images to work with. You can check out the full website by clicking over to the link in my profile. . . . #dreamteam #teamsquamish #squamish #seatosky #webdesign #daycare #girlboss #beingboss #branddesign #graphicdesign #smallbusiness #featherlitedesigns
 I've been thinking a lot about the next few months for my little biz. I've been floored to be fully booked these past few months; and as my eldest embarks on kindergarten in the fall () this will *hopefully* mean a few more hours each week to dedicate to my work; and the focal points that I want to spend some time nurturing and helping flourish. A few courses, biz plan revamp + a book list that is miles long. One thing I've been very intentional about is the time I spend online and on social media. You won't find me spamming your feeds on a daily basis. With 2 very sassy girls to chase around, I set aside very distinct chunks of time for posting to insta or fb and connecting with my little online village. Being intentional with my time has taken SO much stress out of balancing the needs of work (both working ON my business and IN my business...more on that distinction later) and being a mama & wife. This sh*t is HARD, guys. . . . #Iamaworkinprogress #mamahustle #authenticity #liveauthentic #momboss #motherhood #beingboss #mompreneur #squamish #qotd
 Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there. This sensitive, strong-willed kid made me a mama, and has been stretching me into a better, stronger, more adaptive person, ever since. For those of you in the thick of it; feeling smothered with love, exhausted from the needing, the holding, the ever-constant feeling of being both suffocated and isolated, all the while life knowing your life has never held so much joy. I've been there. Am there. You are my tribe, my village, my girl gang. Be sure to step outside of your homes today and celebrate each other, for this whole motherhood-thing is about more than just raising our kids, it's about raising our communities. . . . #motherhood #momboss #motherhoodthroughinstagram #mothersday #squamish #squamishmom #strongasamother #authenticity
 This amazing, magical book. So many dog-eared pages, post it notes & highlighter marks. Thank you @elizabeth_gilbert_writer for giving us permission to just "go make our own fucking art." . . . #BigMagic #bookstagram #calledtobecreative #motherhoodunplugged #Squamish #seatosky