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4 years ago I was a new mom with a baby in Squamish.  Overwhelmed, sleep deprived, needing an outlet for it all.  So this site was born: my little happy place in one tiny corner of the internet. & it only grew from there.  Squamish had so much to offer young families like mine, & I’ve listed it all here for you to enjoy.  It takes a village, thanks for being a part of mine.


 It's been awhile since I've joined in on #fridayintroductions, so here I am! My name is Lani and I'm a web + logo designer, blogger & sleep-deprived mom of 2 livin' in beautiful #Squamish BC. Most days you'll find me in my off-brand leggings, mocha in-hand (reheated 3 times and made with the dregs of my husband's morning coffee), with 90's pop music blaring in the background. I swear more and sleep less than I should (that whole 2-kids-thing) and am pretty certain I have no clue what I am doing when it comes to parenting. Sometimes it feels like the rest of the world has it all together, the better house, the better life, the better hustle. But I've come to love sharing my struggles, my flaws, my tears that come when it all seems so heavy (again, kids). It makes the triumphs and the creative joys feel so alive! So tell me friends, what are you known for? Those flaws and struggles are beautiful too!
 *Finally* did a few updates on my own site (gasp! working *on* my business instead of *in* my business!) and am totally loving the vibe. The feel is so much more 'me'. Authentic, real, approachable. Slowly catching up on adding some recent launches to my portfolio, it's been a summer of stretching my boundaries (both with work and as a parent...more on that later), it feels good to have set aside some time to work on my own goals. Are you with me? How often do you set aside time to work *on* your business instead of in it? #womeninbusiness #momboss
 Home. For longer than 48 hours without having to be back in the hospital. Thank you so much for all the well wishes and good vibes sent our way, it's been some time since I have been truly scared for the health of my littlest one. She has always been such a healthy kiddo that seeing her so ill (she would literally fall asleep several times a day just sitting in my lap, fever sky high, or vomit and moan shaking in a little ball) shook me. I broke. Time after time I was told it was "just a virus", and test after test came back negative. Finally we ended up in emerge for the 3rd (4th?...I can't recall) time and things came back positive. Massive infection that had spread to her kidneys. Follow your gut when it comes to your little ones, I had started to doubt myself. Now after a few days of some powerful antibiotics we are in recovery mode. & I can't wait to dive back into my client-projects, thanks so much for your patience!
 We are in the dance between hospital visits, home for a bit before we go for another assessment to see if the drugs are working. Thus far each day she gets worse than the last, but we finally have at least a diagnosis to go on. Any good thoughts sent our way would be appreciated